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PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


Post-production: How's it goin' everybody?

Hello, wonderful Pinsky supporters! The fast-paced yelling, jumping, shushing, scrambling process of movie-shooting may be over, but the passionate and grueling labor has not ceased. Our post-production team is in high gear by now. Video and sound editing, color-correction, soundtrack and score composition are working overtime to make sure "Pinsky" achieves its vision completely.

You might ask yourself: What does it look like when starry-eyed yet iron-willed artists and professionals do their work?


Wee small hours of the morning with Justin at the computer, perfecting the song "Victory" for our soundtrack:


No pillows for our composer Mandy until the score is just right:



Unguarded, sexy moments in the Foley-studio with sound mixer Mike:


Thanks for sticking with us! Every member of our team is in it heart and soul, and we wanna make u proud! For more saucy content and inside scoop: watch this space.





It's been a while since you heard from us, but FEAR NOT. One day soon you will not only be receiving your belated IndieGoGo gifts, but watching our finished movie that you helped make. 

So, what have we been up to these last few months?

Production was a huge success and went by far too quickly. We wrapped in May and went full speed ahead into the post-production process. We are working with Danny Hoshino, our fearless editor, and our music team of Mandy Newman and Sasha Papernik (and their cohort of musicians) to get a rough cut finished in time for the September festival deadlines.

We're taking our new footage to potential investors and submitting it for finishing fund grants. More money you ask?! Well, yes. Everything you all helped us raise was for production and BELIEVE US... we made GOOD use of it. All of it. The footage looks stunning. Our crew was the DREAM TEAM. And each character in our eclectic ensemble cast POPS off the screen. We couldn't have asked for better actors and can't wait to work with them again on our next project.

But first things first...what are the next steps? Finish cutting the film, composing the score, sound mixing and color correction. Then off to festivals we go! 

Want a sneak peek of some Pinsky? Check out one of the songs that will be used in our trailer, "Victory"  by Sasha Papernik. 

And if you want to know what it will look like, check out a few screen grabs from the film below....

Hold tight and THANK YOU for being there with us through thick and thin. So many of you volunteered your money and time. No words can adequately express how appreciative we are. 

Pinsky will be done soon. You won't be disappointed.



Boston native and comedy powerhouse, Sam Jay joins the Pinsky cast!

Hailing from Boston, MA, a city that is no stranger to comedic prowess; a place that can lay claim to the comedic talents of Jay Leno, Louis C.K., Conan O'Brien and many others, Sam Jay is setting her own stage.  Witty, candid, and raw she is bringing about a brand of comedy that has yet to be seen. 

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Pinsky casts veteran actor, Alan Blumenfeld as Rabbi Bob Stern

HAPPY (ALMOST) SPRING EVERYONE! It's March officially, which means we're just a few short weeks away from the start of production on Pinsky the Movie. WHAT?! Production, you say?Yes, it's really happening! We've got a lot to do in a short amount of time, but before all that can happen, WE'VE GOT NEW CAST AND CREW TO ANNOUNCE AND TRUCK LOADS OF SNACKS TO BUY, so without further adieu, here's the first in a series of updates that we'll be rolling out in the next few weeks. Read up on the newest addition to the team while we go get some Cheez-It's and Rold Gold Pretzel Thins.


The Pinsky cast, crew and fandom is (so incredibly far) beyond thrilled to announce we have cast veteran actor of stage and screen, Alan Blumenfeld, for the role of Rabbi Bob Stern. Blumenfeld, as Stern, will play the Pinsky family's reluctant spiritual advisor, turned love interest of Pinsky's Babuska, Marina (:::WINK:::).

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Pinsky the Movie: LIVE! (in Boston)

To our cinephile friends and family,

We invite you to a night of wine and cheese in celebration of local independent cinema. You might remember our little project that recently grew into a full feature film called PINSKY. We will begin production in April and have the film ready for festivals by Fall, 2015. 

But you won't have to wait until then to see the movie. On Friday, January 30th, join us for a live read and watch the actors behind PINSKYAra WolandRebecca Karpovsky and Larisa Popova, do a live read. Amanda Lundquist, the director, will introduce you to a short collection of scenes from the screenplay while you sit back, enjoy complementary wine and exemplary acting. 

Can't make it to the live stage read? Check out our newest Pinsky teaser!

If you've wondered what the PINSKY cast and crew are up to, this is your opportunity to find out. After the live read we will mingle about, listen to live music, and answer your questions. What's next for the film?  How can you get involved? Has Matt Damon signed on for his walk on role yet? 

When: Friday, January 30th at 8pm
Where: 61 Ober Road, Newton MA 02459

If you'd like to attend this live stage read of PINSKY, please use the form below to RSVP. Space is very limited.

Name *
Limit 3 people per group
If you plan to take anyone else, please tell us their first and last name here.

Hope to see you there,


Ara Woland as Victor Pinsky and Boston is really just a small town when you're Russian

Dear Pinsky enthusiast,

We have two people to introduce you to. Victor Pinsky, our protagonist Sophia's brother, and Ara Woland, the actor playing him. 

Victor is a 27-year-old aspiring cop, who'd do better as a masseur at Massage Envy. He sleeps on his grandmother's pullout. He's kind. Actually, he's the kindest and suffers from his sister and grandmother's callous humor.

Now, you're ready to meet Ara.

Ara Woland as Victor Pinsky

Last Spring, we held auditions in NYC. He saw a posting online, spoke Russian, and was from Watertown and looking for a reason to come back. But he couldn't make the audition. 

Three months later, he arrived at Rebecca's front door to audition for the role of Victor.  Strudel Karpovsky, the family dog, greeted him with eager sniffing. "He must smell my mother's dog," Ara said. 

"What kind of dog?" says Rebecca.

"A pug."

A pug, Rebecca thinks. A pug from Watertown. A pug from Watertown with Armenian parents [Ara's Armenian]. 

"Is your mother's name Ludmilla?" Rebecca asks. 

The answer was yes. Turns out, Ara's mom HAS worked for Rebecca's father...for five years. Rebecca's met Ara's mom. She's shared meals with Ara's mom. Ara's mom is like family to Rebecca's dad. 

Such is the small, Russian-speaking world of the greater Boston area. Ara killed his audition, and is already like a brother to us. Ara is Scorpio rising and his moon is in Aries.

With an aura of intensity and a richly artistic presence, Ara Woland is a New York City based actor of extensive range, who has taken on vastly differing roles throughout his career. An Armenian-born actor with a theatre background, Ara is trilingual and has been trained in method acting, pantomime and classical piano. His most recent film Welkome Home is currently touring the international film festival circuit, and will be released nationwide in Russia in September, 2014.

See Ara in action below.


The Pinsky Mishpocha

Finding Babushka!

Hello Gentle People,

The Pinsky team is back again to tell you about EVEN MORE new additions, not to be confused with the 80's hit, Boston-based, Bobby Brown debuting, quintet, NEW EDITION (HASHTAG BOSTON REFERENCE). We're happy to announce the hugely talented, Larisa Popova as Pinsky's grandmother, Marina. 

 Larisa Popova

 Larisa Popova


Larisa Popov is the latest addition to our cast, playing Marina, Pinsky's grandmother. IT'S BESHERT [MEANT TO BE]! This virtuosa has a list of acting credits longer than our collective arms. She's been acting professionally since the tender age of 18 in roles throughout the former Soviet Union, until emigrating to the United States. She's graced the stage as Babakina in Ivanov at The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge (you know, the same A.R.T. stage that Brian Cranston just got done playing LBJ on...not to name drop, but c'mon).  We felt strongly about casting someone who could capture the essence of Marina's experience, growing up in the Soviet Union while Jewish.  We've auditioned many people in NY and Boston, and we know the minute an actor walks through the door whether they work for the role or not. Within minutes of auditioning Larisa, we knew she was the one.

The Pinsky team has been squee-ing with delight since Larissa signed on the dotted line and joined the Pinsky project. We can't wait to jump into production and watch her  sink her teeth into her role as Marina.

More cast/crew updates next week, but in the mean time, keep giving us love on the social medias and telling all your pals about the movie!

Kisses on the cheeks like they do everywhere but the U.S.,

Team Pinsky


Pinsky: The movie formerly known as "What Doesn't Kill You"


The question of the hour is, "What the hell's going on with that movie I funded a few months ago?" Here's our answer....

We've been busy these last few months, and not for nothing. We've built our crew, locked our script and auditioned many, many actors. We've also changed our title to something a bit more snappy, and indeed, more reflective of our protagonist. The name is PINSKY.  Sophia Pinsky, our lead, adopts it as her stand-up stage name. But we don't just have a new name, how about this fancy new website? Designed by our very own creative director, Maggie McDonald.

New name, new team, new (Jewish) year. WE ARE MAKING A MOVIE.


Playing the role of Trevor Selibovsky


Alex Dobrenko is an actor and improviser living in Los Angeles, CA. He recently starred in the comedy-mystery "Arlo and Julie" which premiered at SXSW 2014 to rave reviews from Variety, BadAss Digest, Austin Chronicle and others. Wired Magazine called Alex one of the "15 Most Fascinating Filmmakers and Stars at SXSW." You can catch him next in the Yet-To-Be-Named Lance Armstrong biopic starring Ben Foster, Lee Pace and Dustin Hoffman (Alex played Dustin Hoffman's son - a personal dream come true), the horror comedy "The Lumberjack Man" starring Michael Madsen and the Houston made "Krisha". You can also catch Alex at improv theaters across Los Angeles CA. He is currently taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Alex also retains an active role at Tugg, a film startup based out of Austin. Check out some of his other work in the below.

You lookin' for a little more juice? Well, we got it. We have picked our shooting dates. HELLO APRIL 2015. Let the city of Boston prepare itself for the queer, Jewish, Russian, funnier version of GOOD WILL HUNTING. JK, the only thing we have in common is Boston. 

L'shanah tovah and such,


Pinsky was created with the support of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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