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PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


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Ara Woland as Victor Pinsky and Boston is really just a small town when you're Russian

Dear Pinsky enthusiast,

We have two people to introduce you to. Victor Pinsky, our protagonist Sophia's brother, and Ara Woland, the actor playing him. 

Victor is a 27-year-old aspiring cop, who'd do better as a masseur at Massage Envy. He sleeps on his grandmother's pullout. He's kind. Actually, he's the kindest and suffers from his sister and grandmother's callous humor.

Now, you're ready to meet Ara.

Ara Woland as Victor Pinsky

Last Spring, we held auditions in NYC. He saw a posting online, spoke Russian, and was from Watertown and looking for a reason to come back. But he couldn't make the audition. 

Three months later, he arrived at Rebecca's front door to audition for the role of Victor.  Strudel Karpovsky, the family dog, greeted him with eager sniffing. "He must smell my mother's dog," Ara said. 

"What kind of dog?" says Rebecca.

"A pug."

A pug, Rebecca thinks. A pug from Watertown. A pug from Watertown with Armenian parents [Ara's Armenian]. 

"Is your mother's name Ludmilla?" Rebecca asks. 

The answer was yes. Turns out, Ara's mom HAS worked for Rebecca's father...for five years. Rebecca's met Ara's mom. She's shared meals with Ara's mom. Ara's mom is like family to Rebecca's dad. 

Such is the small, Russian-speaking world of the greater Boston area. Ara killed his audition, and is already like a brother to us. Ara is Scorpio rising and his moon is in Aries.

With an aura of intensity and a richly artistic presence, Ara Woland is a New York City based actor of extensive range, who has taken on vastly differing roles throughout his career. An Armenian-born actor with a theatre background, Ara is trilingual and has been trained in method acting, pantomime and classical piano. His most recent film Welkome Home is currently touring the international film festival circuit, and will be released nationwide in Russia in September, 2014.

See Ara in action below.


The Pinsky Mishpocha

Pinsky was created with the support of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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