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PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


Pinsky casts veteran actor, Alan Blumenfeld as Rabbi Bob Stern

HAPPY (ALMOST) SPRING EVERYONE! It's March officially, which means we're just a few short weeks away from the start of production on Pinsky the Movie. WHAT?! Production, you say?Yes, it's really happening! We've got a lot to do in a short amount of time, but before all that can happen, WE'VE GOT NEW CAST AND CREW TO ANNOUNCE AND TRUCK LOADS OF SNACKS TO BUY, so without further ado, here's the first in a series of updates that we'll be rolling out in the next few weeks. Read up on the newest addition to the team while we go get some Cheez-It's and Rold Gold Pretzel Thins.


The Pinsky cast, crew and fandom is (so incredibly far) beyond thrilled to announce we have cast veteran actor of stage and screen, Alan Blumenfeld, for the role of Rabbi Bob Stern. Blumenfeld, as Stern, will play the Pinsky family's reluctant spiritual advisor, turned love interest of Pinsky's Babuska, Marina (:::WINK:::).


Does Alan look crazy familiar? Well, that is likely because he's been in literally hundreds of notable television shows and movies for the last, ughhh, I don't know, 20 years? Let's all take a moment to watch some of his work shall we?

Alan's seemingly, mile long list of credits include Arrested Development, Heroes, Righteous Kill, In Her Shoes, The Ring, Heartbreakers, Grey's Anatomy, and Gilmore Girls. We could go on, but we're not sure if the internet has the bandwidth to contain all of it.

Everyone here at Pinsky the Movie and Co. feel privileged (and lucky as all hell) to snag such a talent for our project. With each new addition to the cast and crew we can see this project coming more and more to life. Thank you for your continued support!

Until next time punams,


Pinsky was created with the support of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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