The Movie

PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


Post-production: How's it goin' everybody?

Hello, wonderful Pinsky supporters! The fast-paced yelling, jumping, shushing, scrambling process of movie-shooting may be over, but the passionate and grueling labor has not ceased. Our post-production team is in high gear by now. Video and sound editing, color-correction, soundtrack and score composition are working overtime to make sure "Pinsky" achieves its vision completely.

You might ask yourself: What does it look like when starry-eyed yet iron-willed artists and professionals do their work?


Wee small hours of the morning with Justin at the computer, perfecting the song "Victory" for our soundtrack:


No pillows for our composer Mandy until the score is just right:



Unguarded, sexy moments in the Foley-studio with sound mixer Mike:


Thanks for sticking with us! Every member of our team is in it heart and soul, and we wanna make u proud! For more saucy content and inside scoop: watch this space.



Pinsky was created with the support of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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