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PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


Get 2 Know: The Music Director

Our team is seriously excellent, and we want you to get acquainted with the sweethearts working tirelessly to bring Pinsky to you. This week, I have the pleasure of introducing to you...

Astrological sign: Aquarius (like the dawning of the age of)

Rising sign: I think it's Aquarius (?) according to a site I just read called "" (they did not pay me to say that) [ed. note: nor us, to ask that!]

Current favorite movie: Love and Mercy (and Pinsky!)

What animal best embodies your creative process? This is tough. I'd have to say a cross between a sloth and a wolf because It takes me a while to be inspired and work productively, but once I do, I become honnnngray. 

Is there any new music coming out that you think is particularly exciting? There's a whole crew coming out of Lisbon, a label called Príncipe Discos. They have this Afro-Portuguese-Electronic sound and their best artist is Nidia Minaj - she's only 17!! The band Leningrad - who we feature a lot in the film- is a riotous group out of Russia. I also love the sisters of A-Wa, this Israeli-Yemenite band that blends traditional Yemenite music with electronic music so well. 

Which musicians' influences do you think can be heard in your work? I have solid influences, but I don't think you can hear them in my work. I tend to have serious obsessive phases in music with several different eras and genres, but I always seem to come back to the music I grew up with. I bow down to Kate Bush the Qween (she deserves her own sentence). I love Sade, Peter Gabriel  (his solo work), Annie Lennox, Brian Eno, Chopin, Ravel, Schubert, Mulatu Astatke, Serge Gainsbourg, Rachid Taha (and his French-Algerian punk bad, Carte Blanche), DJ Mehdi (RIP), Ornella Vanoni, Jorge Ben Jor, and the heavenly Astrud Gilberto. 

Were you in marching band ever? If yes, omg tell us more and give me a pic. If no, really, are you sure? I wasn't in a marching band, but I was in the school jazz band playing the keys and if I was ever disruptive I would have to go to the adjacent field and run a lap - but since I don't run I would basically march. Does that count ?

What/who are your composing inspirations?  I look up to composers like Gonzalez, Dustin O'Halloran, Jon Brion, Brian Reitzell, Brian Eno... So a lot of Jons and Brians involved. Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis and Riyuchi Sakamoto are pretty versatile and make beautiful soundscapes. I also love projects like Franceso Tristano and Carl Craig, who mix classical piano composition with modern electronic music. 

Best snacks for the composing process: Trader Joe's Chile Spiced mango

How did you come to join the Pinsky team? Well, a long time ago, in a faraway land called college, REBECCA and I were an old Jewish couple named Deborah and Harry. We then travelled in time to become spirited young people with the divine ordinance to create this film. (Aka we met freshman year of college, bonded over our love of geriatric Jews, and then she asked me if I would do the music supervision/ composition for this script she wrote ... So I collaborated with her and bright Amanda and talented Sasha who plays piano and accordion on this film with her cute hot-dog dog and POOF!). 

What excites you about this project? The film's hilarity, being able to collaborate with my good friends, a story about a community that is fascinating and rarely portrayed in the media, and a female powered cast and crew. 

What advice do you have for aspiring composers and music directors out there? Keep working. Keep taking projects from friends and friends of friends and second cousins twice removed. Honestly, take that gig for the vacuum infomercial, consider it practice for other projects. Just put your work out there in as many manifestations as you can. 

Do you <3 Fran Drescher? Yes or Yes? I will answer this question with a snort-laugh, a-la Fran, followed by an "aaaaabsolutelyyy" in her signature voice. 


Thanks, Mandy! So excited to hear more from you... literally! lol.  Check out some of Mandy's other work here:

Pinsky was created with the support of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, funded by the UJA-Federation of New York and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

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