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PINSKY is a story about finding your chosen family and forgiving the one you're born into.


Get 2 Know: The Editor

Welcome to our newest feature: Get 2 Know! Our team is seriously excellent, and we want you to get acquainted with the sweethearts working tirelessly to bring Pinsky to you. This week, I have the pleasure of introducing to you...

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Rising sign: I've never heard of this, but apparently I am: 5°44' Aquarius

Current favorite movie: Short Term 12

What animal best embodies your creative process?  Pug

What/who are your editing inspirations?  Any editing that gets out of the way of the story.  Also a lot of teen dramas growing up.

Best editing snacks: Chex mix

How did you come to join the Pinsky team?  Amanda and Rebecca are old childhood friends!

What excites you about this project? The opportunity to work on a feature length film (it's my first), and working closely with people I've known for a long time.

What advice do you have for aspiring editors out there?  Take on many different types of projects, especially documentary style.  Learning how to write a story within the limitations of someone else's words is invaluable experience.

Do you <3 Fran Drescher? Yes or Yes?  She had style, she had flair, she was there, that's how she became the Nanny.


Thanks, Danny! Now back to work! Find out more about Danny's other pursuits under

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